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"I've never had boots that have lasted me 20 years, the best brand in the world."


"Sturdy and comfortable, I will buy SENDRA again."


"I have not seen a brand with so many models of boots, and on top of that, Spanish".


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more than 100 years of history

  • 100 years

    More than 100 years of history have marked the path to the success of Sendra Boots. More than 100 years of history that enclose the experience of 4 generations, from the founder of the brand Andrés Sendra, to his great-grandson Francisco Javier Sendra, current director of the firm and leader of a great team, composed of more than 170 specialists in fashion, design and manufacture of boots.

  • family-owned company

    What started as a small family business has become one of the most important boot brands in the world thanks to its experience and its ability to evolve with every moment.

  • Innovation

    The XXI century is for Sendra a time of continuous evolution, after a hundred years of life full of work and innovation, the curtain closes on the first centenary of the brand as number one in Europe in the manufacture of boots. Every year, 200,000 pairs of boots pass through the hands of 170 expert craftsmen through a process that includes 250 manufacturing operations.

  • future

    Sendra is an expert in marking long distances. The footprint of its history, the solidity of its successful designs, stitched stitch by stitch, makes boot by boot its future; to continue walking with the passion and the firm step of its team, to continue building a future full of success.

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