How it all began

In 2007 after 18 years together with the company, Javier Biosca decided to bet on the communication channel and digital selling in order to find the optimal environment for the selling of SENDRA BOOTS that would complement the actual stores.

At the end of 2010, the grand result brought together the lover´s of the brand at a global level, which inspired Javier Biosca to create the first online store dedicate exclusively to the lovers of SENDRA BOOTS.

A hundred years of history that marks Sendra’s path to success.. 100 years of effort and work which took 4 generations, from the founder of the brand, Andrés Sendra, to his great grandson Francisco Javier Sendra, the current director of the company and leader of the whole team of specialists in design, fashion and manufacturing of boots.

What began a century ago as a small family business has become one of the world’s leading makers of signature boots. Our history is part of our present, transferring the technical expertise and experience necessary to build a successful future.



Andrés Sendra, son of skin tanners returns from the United States, passionate for cowboys and founds Sendra Boots in Almansa (Albacete). The company is dedicated to cowboy hats and riding boots.


Beginning and development of the technology of Goodyear or Empalmillado in processing boots


Sendra sets off to the United States, testing the fire of the future of the brand.


After success in the American market, Sendra Boots begins its adventure in Germany.


Without forgetting their origins, the firm decided to try new experiences in the fashion industry.


The launching year of the new line that marked the essence of the brand alongside the cowboy style the Biker started to develop and consolidated into one trademark of Sendra, the best boots for asphalt cowboys.


The brand continues supporting the research and development in order to better the biker boots of the market. Sendra is the icon between the lovers of the two wheels.


The new trends nourish the brand and a Fashion line emerges.


The model ¨Blue Bird¨ is converted into a star design and drives the brand into fashion.


La marca es acogida por los diseñadores para formar parte de sus colecciones en diversas pasarelas en todo el mundo.


The brand is taken in by the designers in order to form part of their collections in different fashion shows all over the world


Sendra opens the official store in New York


Sendra is the synonym for trend and the brand is selected to participate in ¨Bread and Butter¨


Inauguration of the first official store in Milan.