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We present the new Wakamole collection, an artistic and technical advance of our boots. These, which have extra processes after the 250 handmade operations of our unbeatable GoodYear, are the next generation of footwear, more creative, more striking, more unique.

To make them, we contacted our illustrious local artist Vicente Rosique to offer you an exclusive hand-painted design, with waterproof ink around the entire product.

The result, as you can see, is fantastic.

Ideal boots to get out of the monotony.

We indicate the most important points that you should know before buying boots or ankle boots:

1. You should order your usual shoe size, or one size smaller than your usual shoe size.

2. Before trying on the boots, make sure you do it on a carpet or soft surface, because if you do it directly on the ground they can be scratched or stained and you will not be able to change them.

3. If the boots cost you a lot to get in, don't worry, it's normal, you can use the plastic bags that are inside, put a bag on each foot, without removing the sock, and you'll see how they fit much better.

If once inside they bother you in the width or instep it is perfectly normal, you will see how in a few days they will give way until they attach to your foot.

They are 100% cowhide leather boots and Goodyear manufacturing; At first they are a bit hard but later you will be delighted with them.

4. When you walk you may notice a certain slipping, the heel will rise slightly when walking, it is normal.

Keep in mind that the boots do not have laces, therefore, since you cannot adjust the instep, you may notice that the heel rises and falls, but do not worry, little by little you will get used to that sensation.

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