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Standard leather and snakeskin boots

Use a damp cloth and neutral soap, or wet wipes. Rub briskly until the stain disappears. Where necessary, complete the process by applying the appropriate polish for your Sendra model.

What type of polish should I use?

The are two types of Sendra polish designed to keep your boots even more beautiful: “Standard Leather” and “Snakeskin”.

The “Standard Leather” polish can be use don all types of leather except snakeskin.

The “Snakeskin” polish is transparent and is made exclusively for those models that require a product that will not overshadow the charm of this kind of leather.


How should I polish my boots?

We recommend that you polish your boots every three months to preserve the elasticity and increase the resistance of the leather.

The “Standard Leather”polish is applied clockwise with a dry and lint-free cloth.

The “Snakeskin” polish is also applied with dry cloth, but should be rubbed in following the direction of the scales to prevent them lifting up.

Ensure that the polish has been completely absorbed before putting the boots away.


These types of leather have a very different finish. It is neither necessary nor advisable to use any type of polish on them.

There is only one way to clean Split leather. Use a wire brush to remove the dirt, as this will also help to maintain the velvety finish.

For suede and nubuck you should only use an ink eraser. Do not treat stains with a damp cloth as the leather will change colour where it has been rubbed.


At the end of each season, your boots can enjoy a well-deserved rest. The original box and the packaging paper are perfect for conserving and storing every pair of Sendra Boots. Keep your boots in their original box and wrap them in the packaging paper. This will ensure your boots stay wrinkle-free, especially on the tips.

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